Ready to turn your TEDx Dreams into a reality? 

 Our TEDx Quick-Start Programs are guaranteed to help you land and create a winning TEDx talk people can’t wait to share! 

Do you see a TEDx talk in your future, yet you wonder:

  • How and where to apply (or if you need to get invited by TEDx organizers …?)

  • How you can get selected among all the applicants (or even get a TEDx curator to look at your application)

  • Which of your many brilliant ideas would lend itself best for a winning speech (while you’re not even sure what your core message is)

  • How to craft an insightful and emotional talk with the right balance of facts, stories, and humour (and how to make your talk memorable!)

If you answered YES to most of these questions—and you are “self-starter” who loves to make things happen, then our TEDx Quick-Start Programs are for you! If you are looking for more in-depth support (including scripting your talk and speaker training), please have a look at our Journey to TEDx Programs!

Discover our "TEDx Quick-Start" Speaker Coaching Programs! 

Let our team of leading experts guide you through a proven step-by-step process to help you land and deliver your dream TEDx talk with ease and joy! 

Your TEDx Speaker Coaching Expert

TEDx Speaker with over 1.8 Million Views!

Elena Herdieckerhoff- clear background.png



  • TEDx Speaker on the topic of highly sensitive people with 1.8 million views!

  • Award-winning serial entrepreneur (including having built a highly acclaimed international luxury skincare brand)

  • Graduated with honors from the Sorbonne (DEUG), University College London (Bachelor) and the London School of Economics (Master).

  • Certified Reiki Master

Become a TEDx Speaker and Position Yourself as a Global Expert in your Field!

change the world with your IDEA!

Elena Herdieckerhoff's life changed in May of 2016 when she gave her TEDxIHEParis Talk on the "Gentle Power of Highly Sensitive People". 

Within just one year, her talk reached over 1 million people around the world and instantly positioned her as a leading global expert in her field. 

Elena's story is a great example showing there is no quicker or easier way today to become the star of your industry than a TEDx Talk.

No Book. No Speaking Gig. No Video.

Nothing gives you the instant credibility, authority, and impact other than a TEDx talk. 

Nothing helps you spread your ideas faster.

Nothing helps you touch lives around the world and share your mission in such a profound way.

Are You Ready For The Next Step? 

Let us help you to create a winning TEDx talk based on proven principles and time-tested methods that people can’t wait to share!


How does it work?

Are the TEDx Quick-Start Programs right for me?

Our programs are perfect for you if you want some key guidance to jumpstart your success journey to the TEDx stage and are looking to script your own talk! Together we will be brainstorming, strategizing, plotting, and planning your TEDx talk, as well as co-creating the material for your application process.  We will be answering all your questions and guiding you every step of the way to ensure your TEDx success.

How do the sessions work?

We will host our sessions virtually on ZOOM and Elena will be present on every call with you.

What if I have already landed a TEDx talk and need some coaching support?

We are delighted to create a customised offer for you based on your exact needs. Sign up for a complimentary call and we will be happy to support you!

What if I am organising a TEDx event and want to get coaching support for my speakers?

We have ample experience in coaching speakers and are thrilled to create a customised offer for you based on your specific needs. Sign up for a complimentary call and we will be delighted to support you!

How do I know which programs are right for me?

We offer a complimentary call to help you figure out which of our programs is right for you.  Please apply here or email

What is included in our TEDx Quick-Start Programs

Land Your Talk Program

Our LAND YOUR TALK PROGRAM is a 1/2 Day Intensive which helps you to discover your winning idea and master the application process to ensure you land a prestigious TEDx talk!

Land Your Talk
  • 3 Hour Virtual Coaching Session
  • In-Depth Intake Questionnaire & Welcome Pack
  • Distilling your Core Message & "Why" for your TEDx Talk
  • Co-creating your Application Material, including Demo Video Script.( With our guidance you compose the answers and we do one round of editing)
  • Step-by-Step TEDx Application Process Training
  • POST-CALL: Call Recording, Transcript, Application Material Review (1 round of edits), Video Feedback.

Accelerator Program

Our ACCELERATOR PROGRAM is optimal if you want to have focused support to land and script a winning TEDx Talk!  

  • 6 Virtual Coaching Sessions
  • In-Depth Intake Questionnaire & Welcome Pack
  • Subject Matter Research for your Topic (2 hours)
  • Distilling your Core Message
  • Co-creating your Application Material, including Demo Video Script (our speechwriter composes your answers)
  • Step-by-Step TEDx Application Process Training
  • Guidance for Crafting your TEDx Talk (you script it yourself)
  • TEDx Content Interview (with transcript to capture the essentials of your talk in your own voice).
  • In-Depth Review of your TEDx Talk Script (1 round of edits)
  • Features: Video Calls (via Zoom), Call Recordings, Email Support

A La Carte Services

Our A LA CARTE SERVICES can be booked separately or in conjunction with any program of your choice.

A La Carte Options
  • Scripting Service (Our award-winning TEDx speechwriters script your TEDx talk)
  • Line-by-Line Editing Service (Our award-winning TEDx speechwriters edit your TEDx talk)
  • Speaker Training Service (Our team helps you to step into your speaking power for a successful delivery on the TEDx stage)
  • Business Coaching Service (Our team helps you to get your business ready for TEDx success! Together we develop a strategy to harness the success of your TEDx Talk such as for books, speaking engagements, media, collaborations etc.)
  • TEDx Application Concierge Service (Our team vets TEDx events that fit your personal requirements and handles the entire application process for you)
  • Customised TEDx Talk Viral Marketing Plan (Our team provides in-depth support such as Facebook ad strategy and copy, mapping out the customer journey and marketing funnels, “done for you” email swipe files, crafting press releases, etc.)