Our Mission

What’s Happening in the World Today?

With unlimited content available 24/7 and even information overload, people are still hungry for great ideas presented in an engaging way. In a world of ever more specialized knowledge, there is a pressing need for “connecting the dots” and a deeper understanding of how we fit in. The spirit of TEDx is to bring together different kinds of knowledge in a way any curious person finds accessible and inspiring. 

A TEDx Talk Is the New PR!

In today’s marketing landscape where content is king and personal connection rules, having a winning TEDx talk is a key piece for branding yourself online while positioning yourself as an authority in your field. Combining high visibility with instant credibility, a successful TEDx talk may be the missing PR piece you need to build a massive following with a minimal investment of time and resources.  

How Do We Help?

Most people believe landing a TEDx is difficult and time-consuming at best. They want to know what makes a TEDx talk go viral. We help our clients distill their core message (based on their passion, what makes them tick), apply for TEDx events, and craft their speech. Next we come up with a marketing strategy to help them leverage and capitalize on the exposure once their TEDx talk goes live on YouTube.  

Meet the Founders


Elena Herdieckerhoff

TEDx Speaker with over 1.5 Million Views

Public Speaking Trainer

Business Coach & Online Marketing Specialist

At my core, I am an idea person. I am fascinated by the power of the ancient art of storytelling to transmit ideas and create impact. I love how words can shape our conscious awareness and create a foundation for progress, change, and innovation.

My TEDx talk on “The Gentle Power of Highly Sensitive People,” which has already been viewed over 1.5 million times, showed me in very real terms that ideas still matter. Every day I have the immense honor and joy to receive messages from people all over the globe sharing how my talk changed their life in some way. A change of heart, a change of mind, a change of behavior, or simply a feeling of being understood and validated. This matters, because ideas not only connect the dots, they connect us to ourselves and each other.

As a serial entrepreneur since my mid-twenties, I have made it my mission to turn ideas into form. A highlight from my entrepreneurial journey was when I succeeded at formulating a balm for my eczema based on nothing more than personal need, extensive research and electrifying passion. After witnessing the astonishing healing results of my balm (for both myself and others), I decided to share it with the world. I launched SELEXIR of Switzerland, a luxury skincare brand, across Europe and the Middle East. SELEXIR was critically acclaimed in glossy magazines such as Vogue, Glamour and Cosmopolitan amongst others, and was awarded the Harper’s Bazaar Hot 100 Award for Best SOS Skincare.

After selling this business in early 2014, I decided to channel my expertise and experience into supporting my fellow sensitive entrepreneurs through exclusive business coaching services to empower them to turn their sensitivity into their greatest business asset.  

On a personal note, I am from Munich, Germany but have lived throughout Europe where I soaked up different cultures, viewpoints and languages! As much as I enjoy being a student of life, I am equally an ardent fan of academia and have graduated from the Sorbonne Paris, University College London and the London School of Economics. I am also a Reiki Master and deeply committed to my spiritual path. 

My mission with Red Dot Stage is to help other experts take the world by storm with their groundbreaking ideas. I believe the TEDx stage is one of the most powerful platforms in the world for experts, thought-leaders, CEOs and entrepreneurs to share their message. From personal experience, I know a TEDx talk not only touches the minds and hearts of the viewers, it also allows for the speaker to be instantly recognized as a leader in their field. This opens doors in a multitude of ways ranging from prestigious speaking invitations, book deals, magazine features, collaboration offers and the like. The opportunities are limitless!

For our Red Dot Stage coaching clients, I draw on my business background and personal journey as a TEDx speaker to help others succeed on their own life-changing “Journey to TEDx”!


Dr. Josephine Gross

Ghost Writer

Speech Writing Expert

Professional Editor

My greatest passion is to understand people and the world we live in. I’m a born communicator and a teacher at heart. I studied languages and philosophy, which led to a career as a professional editor, interviewer, ghost writer, and speech writer.

I also see myself as a connector and a “bridger of gaps.” I build bridges between people, projects, cultures, and worldviews. Having taught middle school to college level, I developed a knack for distilling complex ideas and explaining abstract concepts into simple language anyone can understand.

Originally from Belgium, I came to the US to pursue a PhD in languages at Stanford University. My doctoral dissertation focused on the symbol of the Hermaphrodite as a “third gender” uniting the masculine and the feminine into wholeness.

I believe we are all here to expand into ever more conscious human beings. This led me to do many projects on different continents. In the early nineties the French Government’s Department of Education hired me to research the question “how new technologies change the way we tell stories.” This project led me to Japan, where I explored non-duality and trained under a Zen master.

In 1997 I moved back to California, where I met my husband Chris. He was the CEO of a publishing company and I became circulation manager for two newsstand publications. We made our home in Los Angeles and in 2006 I became the editor in chief of Networking Times.

What I loved the most was interviewing and writing stories on all kinds of amazing people, including Sir Richard Branson, Marianne Williamson, John C Maxwell, and the late Anita Roddick. In 2008 we featured the Executive Producer of TED Media, June Cohen, in a story on the growing power of online video. 

In 2016 a subscriber sent me a link to Elena’s TEDx talk. I loved her energy, so I reached out to her and we instantly connected. I interviewed her for a story on Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs in Networking Times. We continued masterminding together and in 2017 the idea of Red Dot Stage was born. Working with thought leaders and entrepreneurs for over a decade, I came to realize that, while getting them ink in a magazine and even ghostwriting their book served their needs, helping them succeed on the TEDx stage was even more promising for spreading their message fast (imagine a million views in one year!) while growing a loyal following.

In addition to my intellectual side, I’m also very much a feeling person. I’m acutely aware that we are first and foremost energetic beings. Wanting to understand and work with that invisible part of ourselves, I studied different healing modalities and became a Reiki master. 

The first law of energy being “like attracts like,” it came as no surprise when I met Elena that she was also a Reiki master. Both highly intuitive and heart-centered in our work, Elena and I use Reiki to attract, energize, and support our clients. As a result, we only take on projects that truly resonate with us. In our book, every success story is a love story: love for who we are, love for what we do, and love for who we can become...