Today is a very special day for me- my TEDx Talk on the Gentle Power of Highly Sensitive People has just reached 2 MILLION VIEWS! Wow! To my beloved family, friends and HSP's around the globe -thank you so much for sharing my message! Together we are making the world a gentler place and my gratitude for each and every one of you is truly limitless.

What my TEDx Talk taught me is that heartfelt ideas help us unite and connect with each other to create a better future - for ourselves and for humanity. Now more than ever we need every single one of us to rise up and speak our truth. I believe we are all gifted with a message that only we can share with the world. That is why to celebrate this very special day, I have created a celebratory offer to help YOU shine on the the TEDx stage! You will get access to my complimentary TEDx Starter Kit which contains 2 Training Videos to help you master your journey to the TEDx stage.

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I can’t wait to see you share YOUR life-changing idea on the TEDx stage!

All my love,


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