The Five TEDx Myths Nobody Talks About!

Most speakers hold off on doing a TEDx talk because they have bought into one of the 5 big myths about TEDx talks!

So let’s dive in to uncover and dispel them one by one, so that you can speak on the TEDx stage sooner than you think!

MYTH 1: You need to be famous to do a TEDx talk

One of the biggest misconceptions about TEDx talks is that they are only for celebrities or people with a large following. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The most important thing when it comes to a TEDx talk is having a powerful message to share. A TEDx curator chooses a speaker based on the quality of their idea and a genuine passion to make the world a better place!

MYTH 2:  You have to wait to be nominated for a TEDx talk by others or chosen by a TEDx curator 

Many people believe that the only way to land a TEDx talk is by having someone influential nominate you or being directly chosen by a TEDx curator.

While both of these approaches work, the most common way to land a TEDx talk is by looking for national (or international) TEDx events on the main TED website and simply submitting your application to speak! So go out and make it happen!

MYTH 3: You think your message or idea is not important enough

It is so easy to feel like your idea or your experience is not “big” enough for the TEDx stage. But the truth is that everyone has a unique life experience or professional expertise that can form the basis for an outstanding idea.

Finding yourself on the TEDx stage is not about having a “one in a million” idea, but rather about having a unique perspective on something and trusting yourself to be good enough to show up as an ambassador for that idea. Everyone has something profound and magical to share with the world. We are all waiting to learn from you!

MYTH 4: You need to be a professional speaker

This is not correct! In fact, most TEDx speakers are not professional speakers. I promise, it is truly not about being a perfect presenter. It is about sharing your idea in an authentic way straight from your heart. My recommendation is not to over-engineer your speaking. Simply show up as your best self and be confident in the message that you are sharing.

MYTH 5: To get your TEDx talk to go viral, you must invest a lot of money for marketing

Whilst having a marketing plan is absolutely essential to help garner views for your talk, this doesn’t necessarily have to mean spending a lot of money. The real reason that a TEDx talk goes viral is because it touches people and they feel naturally compelled to share it with their loved ones. Therefore, the secret to a viral TEDx talk is to craft your talk in a way that is touching, uplifting or intellectually stimulating so people are excited to share!

My recommendation is to put your energy and effort into creating a game-changing talk that truly moves your audience and you will see that your viewers will do your marketing for you!

If you are ready for the Red Dot Stage, let our team of experts coach you to land, craft and market a successful TEDx Talk! Contact us today to set up a complimentary call with us to see how we can help you!