10 Reasons Why You Want to Do a TEDx Talk

Do you want to be a TEDx speaker, yet you find yourself postponing the decision or doubting your success? If so, you’re not alone. Most people believe landing a TEDx talk is difficult and time-consuming at best. They worry about how to craft the perfect speech. They want to know what makes a TEDx talk go viral. 

It’s through in a TEDx talk, you have just 18 precious minutes to hold your audience spellbound by appealing to their heads, hearts and souls. Whether you do this by telling stories, or delivering data with image-rich slides, both can captivate, entertain and inspire, as long as you understand the art and science of persuasion.

At Red Dot Stage, we teach people like you exactly how to do this! Here are 10 reason that will motivate you to start your own “Journey to TEDx”:

  1. Having a winning TEDx talk instantly positions you as an authority and expert in your field.

  2. A TEDx talk gives you a chance to inspire a global audience with a brilliant idea that changes their world view or persuades them to take action.

  3. A well scripted talk combined with the powerful medium of online video allows you not only to share your message but also to transmit your energy, often making a lasting impact on viewer.

  4. Providing high visibility and instant credibility, a successful TEDx talk is the new PR that can help you get massive exposure and a loyal following for a minimal investment of time and resources.

  5. Just imagine, for 18 magical minutes (or less) you get to seduce the world with your brilliant idea!

  6. TEDx talks are irresistible. People watch them on their lunch breaks or before bed when they want an inspiring idea to mull over or to go to sleep with.

  7. Being TEDx speaker allows you to connect with people's deep-rooted needs for love and belonging, personal growth, accelerated change, and hope in the future.

  8. TEDx talks have a noble purpose: they help to raise global consciousness by presenting ideas that otherwise might have stayed in the dark.

  9. Everyone loves the spirit of TED, which is to unite the world around powerful ideas!

  10. In a world of ever more specialized knowledge, we all need to spend more time learning from each other so we can co-create a better future.

Some of the benefits you can expect from creating a successful TEDx talk may include a growing community of followers, re-engaging your existing community, establishing a unique personal brand, building or expanding your email subscriber list, creating traffic for your website, book deals, speaking gigs and so much more!

At Red Dot Stage, we can help you sell yourself and your ideas more persuasively than you’ve ever imagined. We believe great communicators start movements. Let us help you start your movement!